Nashville Predators

Rocco Grimaldi: The Heart of the Predators

Professional athletes in American sports leagues are measured by their physical prowess, speed and explosive strength in proportion to the general society.  From a young age, many would-be athletes are sized up and their ability to play a sport is determined solely by their physical stature.

Cole Smith’s Alternate Path to the Predators

Each year hockey players from the NCAA ranks find their way to become part of different NHL organizations and this year is no different.  Despite the global pandemic that grips all of us and has paralyzed the sports world, NHL teams are still preparing for the future and signing future prospects to entry-level contracts (ELC's.)

Predators Reloading with Prospects

NHL teams must keep moving forward despite many of the obstacles that the current Covid-19 pandemic has caused with the suspension of the current season.  The Nashville Predators are working on developing the future of their organization and have a number of top prospects ready to put on a Predators uniform down the road.

In What Direction Are the Predators Headed?

The Nashville Predators have been fighting all season long to find their team identity and push forward to make a playoff run.  The Predators have dealt with head coaching changes, a sluggish offense, uncertainty on the blue line and were largely silent at the NHL trade deadline.

Predators Extended Bruins Woes, Win 4-3 in OT

Boston, MA -- For the third straight game the Boston Bruins went to overtime and for the third straight game they left the TD Garden ice having squandered their chance at two points. The Nashville Predators' Ry...

The Way Too Early NHL Power Rankings 2019-2020

Year in and year out the NHL can fluctuate tremendously. The teams that should have been good are irrelevant, and teams that have a so-so roster end up making cup runs. It’s sports, and it happens; but it happe...

Wilkins’ Returns to Raleigh as Professional

Josh Wilkins' dreams may have come true Friday Night at PNC Arena in Raleigh, NC. The 22-year old forward for the Nashville Predators, born and raised in Raleigh, NC, returned to home for the first time in his ...

Free Agency Looms with Above-Average Group

And now the fun begins. A trio of cap dump deals helped save the weekend during the second round of the what was an otherwise dull draft. At least in terms of NHL bodies changing uniforms. Patrick Marle...

Devils Acquire P.K. Subban from Nashville

In April, the Devils won the right to select first overall at the 2019 NHL Entry Draft. They used that pick on long-touted prospect, Jack Hughes and effectively stole the show on the first night. But minutes...