Small Saves: Wash Away

In the latest edition of Small Saves, our diminutive hero tries to wash away the stench of a bad performance on the ice…

Hi everyone!

Some very cool Small Saves news…

I was informed by the Executive Producer of the Svengoolie monster movie show on METV that Small Saves’ cartoon will be appearing on the program at the end on November. I will keep everyone updated on the time and date.

Amazon, the host of the Small Saves online store, has now expanded shirt sales to over 100 countries! This means fans from Canada, who have been very patient and understanding over the last few years, can finally purchase the shirts. It’s very exciting, as now places like Italy, Australia, Czech Republic, and many, many more, can finally be offered the designs.

Amazon has also bumped the t-shirt selling slots from 500 to 1,000. This means that I am reformatting the stores to handle the present and all-new designs slated for the very near future. Please excuse the Small Saves store site as we update the changes.

Everyone have a safe and Happy Halloween!

Jay… and Small Saves!