Small Saves: Too Tired

by | Sep 10, 2018

Small Saves: Too Tired

by | Sep 10, 2018

Hi, everyone!

Well, this week was very exciting, as I was invited to the monthly lunch meeting with the local famous cartoonists. It was a pleasure to meet everyone and to talk about the trade we love so much. I brought some samples of Small Saves and they liked him a lot.

I was blown away by the creativity, talent, and friendliness of the group. Here is a photo of us in Boston at Boston Beer Works. Thank you, everyone, for a great day!

The Pink Puck’s Rhonda McClure just did a review of the Small Saves storybook, The Day the Dinosaurs Played Hockey.” Thank you, Rhonda, for the wonderful review! Rhonda hosts Small Saves on The Pink Puck webpage every week. Please drop by her site to see this great hockey site!

From now, up to the Christmas holiday, I will be selling on eBay the ORIGINAL Small Saves cartoons I use to make the final version you see each week. These are the original black and white 11″x17″ pen and ink versions. You can see the pencil marks, the white-out areas, all the “behind the scenes” stuff that goes into the polished, final version. Just visit my eBay site at….

Not only do I have original Small Saves art, but also original drawings of some of your favorite goalies! I also take custom requests! So, if you have photo of anything you’d like to have drawn, please feel free to email me for a price quote. ?


…and here is this weeks all-new Small Saves cartoon! Enjoy!

On Small Saves news, I have begun drawing the media kit that will be formatted individually to each pro, semi-pro, college, etc., team. Small Saves will be customized individually for each team that would like to have him appear in their marketing campaigns.

I feel this is a great idea that has been given to me by Mr. Mark Schelde. Thank you, Mark. I’ll be showing him the proposal before sending it out.

The line of Hockey t-shirts is growing! Here are but a few of the 250+ designs that are available through on Amazon. If you visit the shirt section, you will see it divided into different categories. Drop on by and enjoy viewing the different shirts.

I did contact Amazon over the shipping of t-shirts to Canada. While they do not yet offer this service, they did just open up distribution to, I believe, Germany and the UK. It’s offered on a rolling basis and once I get the nod, I will pass along the info. With this breakthrough, my hopes are that the will soon offer this service to Canada.

Have a great week and see everyone soon with an all-new cartoon!

Jay… and Small Saves

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