Small Saves: Renegade Goaltender

Hi, everyone!

This week has been very busy for Small Saves, as his media presentation kit is getting closer to a presentation.

His first stop will be the Boston Bruin’s marketing department. I’m still working on the special cartoon that will accompany the kit, but I thought it might be fun to share “The makings of” segment–what goes into a customized cartoon.

With Willie O’Ree, the former winger for the Bruins being inducted into the HOF, I felt this would be a good showcase.

To take you through a cartoon setup, the first thing I do is pick a topic. Next, I find a quiet spot and write. It’s rare that the first idea is the one that hits the mark, but I write down everything. It’s kind of like working with clay. you start out with a clump. But slowly, it takes form.

Once I have my idea down, I begin to draw. For this particular piece, I need to integrate my more serious illustrations to “bring the cartoon home”, so to speak. I’ll draw the pics I need at a larger size. This way I can get in all the detail I need. I’ll then shrink it down and cut and paste it into the marked- off areas.

Then, once it’s done, the entire cartoon is reduced in multiple copies and I’ll color them it.

Here is what I have so far…

By next week, it will be done and I’ll show it here. ?

I want to express my sincere thanks to Mr. Schelde for his guidance and help as I start the next phase of Small Saves’ journey!


On October 13th, starting at 1:45 pm, I’ll be appearing at the East Boston author’s “Boston Book Festival” program. I’m very excited to be asked to be part of this event. I will be showing Small Saves as he appears in various publications. (from magazines to newspapers, books, etc.) I’ll also bring along some original cartoons to show. I’ll be answering questions as part of a panel. I can’t wait and will share what happens.



This week’s Small Saves cartoon is taken from his cartoon collection book, “Renegade Goaltender.”



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In closing, I’d like to say a few words about a very special goaltender who was part of my life, Mr.

“Chick” DeAngelis. Chick was not only a very dear friend of mine but my goaltending mentor. He tended goal until the age of 80–passing away after a stroke. He played right up to the end.

He loved goaltending and we all loved him. He taught me very valuable lessons both on and off the ice. He was quick-witted and had an even quicker catching hand (he was also a catcher in baseball.)

I’m writing a Small Saves children’s book which is inspired by him. While it’s still a ways off from completion, I feel it will be a very special story, as he was a very special man. At his funeral service, the priest brought the house down when he said, “Here lies not just a man… but a goaltender.”

Well, the place jumped to its feet in thunderous applause! A full-house standing ovation in the style of an overtime, game-winning goal. I’ll never forget it… or you, Chicky.

Here’s a cartoon where Chicky has a little talk with Small Saves…

Indeed they were the Good Old Days my dear friend.

Have a great day, everyone! See you next week.

Jay… and Small Saves.