Small Saves: Milk and Bread

Hi everyone!

It was a thrill to see Small Saves appear on METV’s Svengoolie show. They showed the cartoon and the host even made a funny hockey-themed comment afterwards. I’d like to thank the staff and star of the show for showcasing our little puck stopper. As a thank you, I mailed them the original cartoon, signed and dated by me, along with a nice letter.

Speaking of original cartoons, the original Small Saves cartoons I draw are available for sale. What a great holiday present to give to the Small Saves fan in your life! Here is the link. If there’s a cartoon that you’d like, but don’t see it listed, feel free to contact me. …and, I make sure every cartoon is very affordable so everyone can own an original Small Saves.

Now that the holidays are officially here, if you’re looking for a great hockey-themed item for Christmas gifts, feel free to pop on over to and visit our store.

Take care and see you next week with an all-new cartoon!

Jay …and Small Saves!