Small Saves: Milk and Bread

Hi everyone!

It was a thrill to see Small Saves appear on METV’s Svengoolie show. They showed the cartoon and the host even made a funny hockey-themed comment afterwards. I’d like to thank the staff and star of the show for showcasing our little puck stopper. As a thank you, I mailed them the original cartoon, signed and dated by me, along with a nice letter.

Speaking of original cartoons, the original Small Saves cartoons I draw are available for sale. What a great holiday present to give to the Small Saves fan in your life! Here is the link. If there’s a cartoon that you’d like, but don’t see it listed, feel free to contact me. …and, I make sure every cartoon is very affordable so everyone can own an original Small Saves.

Now that the holidays are officially here, if you’re looking for a great hockey-themed item for Christmas gifts, feel free to pop on over to and visit our store.

Take care and see you next week with an all-new cartoon!

Jay …and Small Saves!

About The Author

Creator of Small Saves

Jay DeMarco has been pelted with pucks since the age of five... and still loves every minute of it.

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