Small Saves: Lost Screws

Hi Everyone,

This week’s cartoon is based on actual events. Come to think of it, many of Small Saves’ antics are based on experiences I faced (and still face) as a goaltender. I can let in a bad goal and say, “I think there’s a cartoon here.”
This cartoon is no different, as many family members have stepped/tripped on various goalie-related items since my childhood. So many times, I’ve put down pliers, screwdrivers, needle and thread, only to have them disappear moments later. Screws and bolts that vanish in thin air, only to be discovered when walking in the house with just socks on. Ahhh, just one aspect of life as a goalie.

Small Saves new cartoon video and first T-Shirt commercial are almost ready for YouTube! The cartoon deals with Small Saves not being able to sleep during a stormy night, and the commercial will showcase 40+ goalie-themed designs with Small Saves as your host.

Enjoy Small Saves in the September issue of USA Hockey Magazine. Here is the link to their online periodical. They also offer a physical issue at a great subscription rate!

Have a great week!

Jay …and Small Saves!