Small Saves: Life Goals

Hello, everyone!

This week I was part of the Boston Reads program. I sat with a panel of three other authors and together we were asked questions from a moderator and the audience. The authors were a pleasure to talk with and I learned a lot that day. Here is a pic of us together. I brought copies of magazines that Small Saves appears in.



Well, this week I sent Small Saves out to his first NHL pro team to be looked at. I’m starting with the original six and chose the Bruins as Small Saves’ first stop.

My next stop will be the Rangers.

Here is a portion of the media kit where Small Saves appears in a Bruins jersey.


…and here is the all-new Small Saves cartoon! We find our little goalie in the principal’s office. I wonder what sort of antics he was involved in this week?


I don’t know if I mentioned it, but starting two months ago, I began penning my first novel. It’s called “The Goaltender.” Actually, what else would I write about, but goalie-themed stories. It’s a ‘slice of life’ focus on a goaltender. I can’t give away too much… only to say that while it does have some humor, it’s a very dramatic piece. I already have the cover idea in my head and will be doing the photography.

I’m writing this in a style that will transport the reader right smack-dab in the crease. The ending, well, it’s not your typical sports storyline… but one that the reader will never forget, and will ask aloud, “Why isn’t this a movie?”

It won’t be out for another year, but as the time approaches, I will keep everyone updated.


Have a great week, everyone.

If you haven’t had a chance yet to visit Small Saves webpage, I invite you to pop on over and enjoy the site.

Jay… and Small Saves.