Small Saves: Letter to Pro Team

Hi, Everyone!

Hope you all had a great week.

With the holidays soon approaching us, we hare at are getting our Amazon stores ready for all your gift shirt needs. To make finding our designs easier, we now have divided our stores to make your shopping quicker and easier.

The stores will be ready by next week, but please feel free to use the links still on our website. So far, “JJs Dinosaur wear”, SD Shirt Sales, and “The Official Small Saves Shirt Store” are up and running. We are now working on “Hockey Shirts by Small Saves”, and “Goalie Shirts by Small Saves.” Please check back at to see the latest updates.


This week I’d like to say a special hello to our good friends over at 24 Hockey. A great hockey site with wonderful hockey products!  Here is their link:


Small Saves updates….

I have started sending Small Saves out to various teams for possible inclusion to their websites and media needs. I’ve started with some local youth hockey programs, and I’ve begun to contact the teams in the AHL. I’ll keep everyone updated as things progress.


I thought it might be fun to include another “Color in Small Saves” picture. I think I feel an official Small Saves coloring book in the makings… ?

In this drawing, Small Saves is throwing an old-school poke-check. SAVE!



…and here is this week’s Small Saves cartoon. Enjoy reading.


Small Saves’ T-Shirt Art Gallery

Here is but a handful of the 100’s of designs available…


Here are some comics from the cartoon section of Small Saves’ website…


Before I go, I want to say a special thank you to my soulmate, Kristin. She is there by my side as I pursue my dream. She’s there when the latest magazine with Small Saves comes in the mail… and she’s there when I get a rejection letter. She endures it all with me. She also is the first person to read my latest comics. If she laughs or smiles, then it’s the approval that the cartoon is good to go. She’ll let me know, as she knows I won’t be happy unless I send out the best I can. I’m a very lucky goalie to have her by my side in life.

Also, a little fun fact: Kristin appears in the comic strip as the girl who sings and that Small Saves likes. I guess Small Saves and I think alike. ?

In real life, Kristin is an absolutely wonderful singer who is part of the Arlington-Belmont Choral. She started as an Alto and is now Soprano. I love going to the concerts.

Thank you, Kristin, for helping me with Small Saves.

Here she is, in one of the comics…


Have a great week and see everyone with more cartoons next time.

Jay… and Small Saves.