Small Saves: Interview Request

Hi everyone!

November 30th, Small Saves is scheduled to appear on one of my favorite TV shows, Svengoolie.  Since I was a child, I enjoyed Saturday night “Creature Feature” monster movies. Svengoolie hosts monster movies each week on METV, and I very much look forward to them. I drew the special Svengoolie-themed cartoon and the producer informed me that it will air on the show. I’m looking forward to it very much.

With the holidays approaching, perhaps you may be interested in some Small Saves’ hockey and goalie-themed shirts. There’s a huge selection of designs to choose from. These are my exclusive logos—some dating back to the early 1990’s. I’m thankful to Amazon for picking up the designs and selling them on their site. If you visit , just check under the Small Saves Store. Not only do I have hockey wear, but also a general-themed store, and a special store for dinosaur enthusiast.

Small Saves also have eight books to date. From his cartoon collection series, to special storybooks, there’s plenty to fill up many Christmas stockings!

Have a great week!
Jay… and Small Saves