Small Saves: Home School Hockey

Hi everyone!

Looking for some fun reading in May? Here are the direct link to Small Saves’ cartoon collection book, “SAVE!”

SAVE! was a pleasure to put together. It’s the 4th collection book featuring our little youth hockey netminder. While putting this book together, I looked back at his earlier appearances from the 90’s, and even early 2000’s. I noticed a similarity that I picked up upon when I was a child reading Charlie Brown or Family Circus. The characters look evolved as the years rolled onward. I used to ask, “Why does Snoopy look so different from the 1960’s era, in contrast to his 1990’s era?” Now, I look back and see the same thing with Small Saves!

Small Saves’ YouTube page is starting to gain subscribers. My goal is to reach 1,000+. I’d love to have you join his channel as I add new videos of our little puck stopper! Here is the YouTube link:

Have a safe week everyone!