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Small Saves Creator Appearing on Hockey Talk Live!

This Monday, January 14th, I will be on Mike Schlatmann’s (of Pucksters fame) show, “Hockey Talk Live.” The show begins at 7 pm and hope you can tune in to watch. It will be a special Goalie Show. Included will be guest Scott Battram, owner of Battram Custom Goal equipment. Here is the link to where it will appear;

Also, here is a past show I appeared on. Feel free to watch the rerun by following this link;

Small Saves Fan of the Month Page

I’m still putting the finishing touches on the Small Saves “Fan of the Month” page and will update everyone when it’s ready to go. I’m putting together a list of fans who’d like to be included and would love to hear from you. For the younger fans, please have your parents help and permission.

For the Small Saves Fan of the Month, you can submit anything you’d like. Perhaps a picture of yourself playing hockey, or any activity you enjoy (drawing, music, baseball, etc.). Also, a paragraph or two (or as long as you like) about yourself. Maybe even a drawing you did of Small saves, or a favorite player?

This page is for YOU. You are the star of this page, so feel free to submit what you like.

Also, if the fan could supply a mailing address and shirt size, as each Fan of the Month will receive a custom silkscreened Small Saves t-shirt. My way of saying thank you for liking Small Saves.

Small Saves Book of the Week

This week, I’d like to place the spotlight on Small Saves’ very first storybook, The Goaltenders’ Creed…

“Small Saves, the little youth hockey goalie, is having an off night in goal. When the buzzer sounds, he goes straight to the locker room. There, he broods… even long after everyone else is gone. While deep in thought, a gentle fog beckons him back onto the ice. Skating alone around the rink, he states that nobody knows what it’s like to be a goalie. From out of the darkness, on this fateful night, comes a reply… teaching the little puckstopper what it truly means to be a goaltender. Small Saves stars in his very first storybook. From goalies to hockey players and fans of the game, “The Goaltenders’ Creed” is a great addition to your library!”

To get your copy, please click on the link:

To see all the hockey and goalie shirts, along with (to date) seven Small Saves books, please visit his homepage at

Small Saves Shirt of the Week.

Less is more, they say. Sometimes, I feel this approach to designing a shirt nails it. This is one of my personal favorites. While each t-shirt I create is very special, I really like the look of this graphic. It’s Small Saves making a tremendous blocker save. No words or slogans—just Small Saves doing what he loves best. The wearer can enjoy having our little puckstopper on their shirt, letting everyone know they’re a fan.

Here is a link to the shirts…

For light-color shirts, please click on this link;

For dark-color shirts, please click here;

Bertagna Goalie Schools

When I was young, I had a goaltending instructional book written by Joseph Bertagna. I read it over and over again, front to back, back to front. On the cover was a photo of him making a spectacular save. I used to dress up in all my goalie gear, grab the book, and head over to the mirror. There, I’d try to emulate the pose.

Flash forward to last year when Mr. Bertagna came down to tend goal when we were short a goalie. He was wonderful to meet, and I told him my tale. It’s funny how things come full circle. The goalie who’s book helped me in my goal to become a netminder was now kicking out pucks in a scrimmage game across the ice from me.

I love visiting his webpage with all the information, updates, and photos …and I smile when I see my Small Saves link at the bottom of the page.

To check out the site yourself, please click on the link;

Oh, if anyone needs this cartoon in a larger jpeg format, please feel free to contact me and I will send it along to you. Please feel free to share Small Saves on any of your media sites! ?

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