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Hi everyone,

This week brings an all-new Small Saves video. A special thank you to K. McAdams for lending her wonderful voice to narrate Small Saves! In this latest video, for the last panel I used old-school hand-drawn animation. I think you’ll enjoy it. To see the video short, please click on the link:

The Small Saves stores on Amazon are slowly starting to reopen. They are now adding past designs to the sites daily. Right now, there are about 25-30 logos out of the 300+ being offered. If you go to and check out his store section, you’ll see which logos have been re-added. I’d like to thank everyone for their patience as the online shopping starts to resume.

Small Saves’ “The Forgotten Goalie’s Christmas” storybook is about 75% complete. A few more illustrations are needed. It’s been about two years of on and off again work, as I want to get it just right. I’d like to have it out by September so it will be available for the holiday season.

Aside from drawing Small Saves, I’m also enjoying drawing custom illustrations for books, shirt designs and personal artwork. If you are looking for illustrations, logos, graphics, etc., feel free to reach out to me at [email protected].

Well, everyone, have a great week and I personally look forward to getting back to my net once the rinks fully open.

Jay… and Small Saves

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Jay DeMarco has been pelted with pucks since the age of five... and still loves every minute of it.

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