Small Saves: Evening Prayers

Hi Everyone.

Looking at the calendar year, I realized that 2021 makes the 30th anniversary of Small Saves! His first cartoon appeared in the 1991 issue of Faceoff Magazine and I was absolutely thrilled! I started looking through all the past Small Saves books and re-reading his past antics. What wonderful memories they bring back. My, it didn’t dawn on me just how many cartoons there are. Six cartoon collection books, along with four storybooks and one coloring book. They were all a pleasure to create and seeing them side-by-side sure brings a smile to my face.

If you haven’t had a chance yet to view the latest edition of USA Hockey Magazine, it’s just a click away! The 2021 Jan/Feb issue is outstanding, featuring great articles, photos… and Small Saves!

Have a great week!

Jay …and Small Saves.