Small Saves: Donation Day

Hi everyone,

I thought it would be fun to design a Small Saves pillow. Some suggested it could be used to give a hug to after an off game or to decorate a room. For myself, I’m going to go back to my childhood and have the Small Saves pillow guard a little make-shift net while I play “Sock Hockey.”

As a youngster, I didn’t know what sock hockey was until I read the book, The Brothers Esposito. Phil was an all-star power scorer for the Boston Bruins. Tony, who was—and still is—my favorite goalie, was the goaltending rookie sensation for the Chicago Blackhawks.

I’ll never forget the day I was sent to the store to pick up some items for my grandmother. Right there at Corbett’s Drugstore, on the book rack was Phil and Tony Esposito’s picture on the cover! I just had to have that book! With my allowance and a little help from my dad, I ran back to the store, purchased the book, and spent the next week reading it. When I came to the part where they played sock hockey, my friend and I mimicked them and had a blast! He pretended he was Phil, and I, Tony. I think we won about 10 Stanley cups in one night! Time to set up my Small Saves pillow. See everyone next week!

Jay …and Small Saves!