This week I’d like to share some photos sent to me by one of my best friends, Anthony, better known in the Florida Hockey circles as the “Iron Goalie.” He is a very dear friend of mine who is like a brother to me. We go way back to when we first met in 1982. I had just moved to Florida and my dad signed me up to play in the South Florida Hockey league. I didn’t know many people, but when I met Anthony I felt like we were friends since childhood. As goaltenders, we would talk about our favorite goalies. His idol was Eddie Mio and we would marvel at the 50+ shots he’d face each night playing for the Rangers. Anthony is a fantastic goaltender with a great catching hand. He plays an aggressive style, always tempting the shooter to go glove side, only to deny them as he flashes the leather and pulls the puck down.

Recently he sent me some photos of the Iron Goalie pillows he bought through Small Saves’ CafePress site. (The Iron Goalie line I have is inspired and dedicated to “The Iron Goalie” himself)

I wanted to share the pics with everyone

…and here is a photo of the original Iron Goalie himself!

This week’s Small Saves cartoon is a blast from the past. It appears in one of the Small Saves cartoon collection books and I wanted to share it with everyone this week.

Playing on a weak defensive team means you’ll get tons of work. The score may tally against you, but you gain valuable experience. It can get frustrating, though. Just do your best and hold your head high. I have to also add that playing on a powerhouse team can sometimes be just as frustrating. Infrequent shots can leave you feeling cold. Watching your team take 20 shots on the other goalie… not getting a goal… and then the opposition gets one shot on you and it goes in. Not a lot of fun.

Soon, I’m going to start offering Small Saves pencil sketches on eBay. They will be small and easy to frame. Each one will be signed, dated, and numbered as “1 of 1”. Each will be unique and very affordable. If you’re a Small Saves fan or know someone who is, these will make a nice, personalized gift at a great price!

Thank you, everyone, for enjoying Small Saves. Before I go, I’d like to wish my Kristin a very Happy Birthday. She is the one who always listens to me. She is always by my side as I chase my dream to reach my goals. She also has appeared in some Small Saves cartoons. In the comics, she is the singer who Small Saves likes.?

 in real life, she is my one and only. Happy Birthday, Kristin!

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