Small Saves: A Goalie Life

Hi everyone,

I’m thrilled by how many Small Saves fans have asked if the original cartoons are for sale. I had posted in the past that once I finish a cartoon, they go into the storage closet. I feel the cartoons should be enjoyed by the fans and not tucked away.

I remember reading of how the great Charles Schultz threw out many past cartoons once they appeared in syndication. Even the “cells”, the one-shot frames that made up the Charlie Brown Christmas Special, were discarded once the animated show was made. Luckily, one of his children’s friends asked if he could retrieve them. Thankfully, he did. Now they can be seen and enjoyed by fans of the phenomenal comic strip.

A special thank you to everyone who has purchased and placed Small Saves in their homes. If there’s a Small Saves cartoon that you like, please feel free to contact me at: [email protected]. The original cartoons are offered in full color and can be inscribed if you like.

See everyone next week!

Jay …and Small Saves!