NHL Seattle KeyArena Renovation Delayed

NHL Seattle announced a two-month delay in the completion of the privately financed KeyArena $930 million renovation, according to the Seattle Times.

Construction was expected to finish in early June and is now pushed back to the August-September timeframe. Work continued daily despite the COVID-19 pandemic. Delays were encountered in the acquisition of building materials and enhanced safety measures.

“We early on had some aspirations, but there’s no question the supply lines and other challenges have brought some delay,” NHL Seattle Tod Leiweke said. “It will certainly be the summer of 2021 –the question is when. Will it be August? Will it be Sept. 1. Will it be Sept. 15? It’s somewhere in there.”

The team will not need the arena until the start of the 2021 NHL season in early October. At one time, NHL Seattle wanted to host next June’s draft and expansion draft. The construction delay put those plans on hold.