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Hi everyone!

I’d like to give a special thank you to Mike Edge of Pucksters. He sent me a wonderful present which consisted of a professional mic. Now I can offer my podcast professionally! Thank you so much. My next broadcast will be a “How to draw Small Saves” tutorial. I’m thinking next Sunday, but I will confirm day and time in the next newszine (and Facebook)

Speaking of Facebook, while I very much enjoy posting my latest cartoon on the various sites which have been kind enough to give me permission to do so, if I post too many, Facebook freezes my account and removes the posts. So, moving forward I will be posting to just my Facebook page and the sites who have made me an administrator. So please feel free to visit my page at and share with your friends. I’ll be posting to a few sites, but just in small amounts so I don’t get blocked.

Here is the latest cartoon!

I’ve been drawing Small Saves for many years now and I absolutely love doing so. I’ve amassed quite a large amount of original Small Saves cartoons. I draw the originals on 11×17″ paper. These are the black and white inked in originals. I then go to a copy place like FedEx or Staples and make a few reduced-sized copies. This way, when I go to color them in and I make a mistake (and I make quite a few!) the original isn’t ruined. I then color in the copy. That’s the finished product you see posted or in one of his cartoon collection books.

Since the originals are stored away, I thought it’s kind of a shame that they aren’t enjoyed. So, I’m now offering them for sale. If there was a past cartoon that you liked and want to own the original, feel free to contact me. I make my cartoons affordable, so owning one (or 2, 3, 4…) can be enjoyed by everyone. I mail them out unframed in a sturdy mailing tube. I found that purchasers enjoy picking out the frame and matting for themselves, as they want to match the rooms theme/color decor, etc. Plus with shipping, glass can break easily and shipping can get costly. I also do custom Small Saves artwork, along with basically anything you may need (team logo, drawing, book illustration, etc.)

Here’s just a tiny sample of the many pieces I have.

I wanted to share a page from Christie Casciano Burns.

  • Anchor, Author & USA Hockey Magazine Columnist atWSYR-TV
  • News Anchor atWSYR NewsChannel 9
    Her new book is coming out in August. I can’t wait to read her book, as I love all her articles in USA Hockey Magazine and her “Puck Hog” book series. She just showed me one of the pages… with the Puck Hog and Small Saves cartoon. ?
    See everyone next week!
    Jay… and Small Saves!

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