Small Saves: Broken TV

Hi Everyone,

Here is the synopsis for the Small Saves Christmas tale, “The Forgotten Goalie.” Our release date is scheduled for the week of Thanksgiving and I look forward to finally seeing the book in print.

“Small Saves, the little youth hockey goalie, is fascinated and inspired by a photograph of a goaltender from long ago. Sad that the picture hangs unnoticed in the darkened corner of the hockey rink, he sets forth to bring attention to the overlooked photo during the Christmas holiday season.”

“Fire on Ice”, the Small Saves cartoon collection book, will also be out on the same week. It’s filled with around 75 comics of our little puck stopper.

To date, Small Save has 111 YouTube subscribers! Our goal is to reach 1,000. We’d love to have you visit his channel and see his videos–and if you like, please subscribe.

Have a great week!

Jay …and Small Saves!