Small Saves: Warm-Up Shots


Hi everyone. The new issue of USA Hockey has just come out, and it’s a special GOALIE ISSUE! I’ve started reading it and cannot wait to finish it cover to cover! Such fantastic photographs and great articles. They are all fantastic, and I so enjoy reading Puck Hogs author and Channel 9 News anchor Christie Casciano Burns articles. Here is her Facebook page:

She is also coming out with a new book, entitled “My Kids Play Hockey.” Small Saves will also have a cameo in the book. I can’t wait to read her latest novel. If you haven’t read her “Puck Hog” book series, by all means, check it out!

Here is a link to her new books Facebook page:

Speaking of USA Hockey Magazine, I’m very thrilled that Small Saves appears in the issue. To read the digital copy, please click on the link. I love getting the magazine in the mail and enjoy both digital and hard copy. If you haven’t signed up yet for USA Hockey Magazine, by all means, do, as it’s a must-have for hockey players, coaches, fans, parents, and more!

USA Hockey Homepage:

This week I’d like to share some of my t-shirt designs, including some all-new logos. They can be purchased through Amazon and I will place a link next to the shirt. Enjoy!

To see ALL the hockey and goalie shirts, including a lineup of general-theme shirts, please visit Small Saves’ webpage at

This weekend I’ve put together and will be submitting Small Saves to all the syndicates that handle comic strips, news stories, and such. I feel that Small Saves would be perfect in newspaper sports sections across the world. It’s my passion and my dream for my Small Saves comic strip to be published across the globe. When you have a goal and a dream you must consistently go against all the odds to bring them to life. I’ll keep everyone updated. If I get a rejection letter (I have enough to wallpaper my house), I’ll share it with everyone. Now, should I get picked up by a syndicate, I’ll be doing the mambo dance in my net! (hahaha) I guess what I’m saying is that everyone who has been reading, following and enjoying Small Saves has been there for me. From letters to photos, I’ve been touched by them all. I kinda feel like we are in this together, and you are the first I’d want to share the news with, should he be picked up.

Oh, inspired by my all-time favorite cartoonist, Charles Schultz, I read how he drew with a certain pen (it’s a dip pen). Well, I tried it and love drawing with it! I kinda feel Charles is beside me as I’m drawing, so it is now my new drawing pen! Here is a video of him using it.

Ahhh, and here is this week’s NEW Small Saves cartoon. Enjoy!

See you all next week.

Jay …and Small Saves!