Small Saves: Valentine’s Day Card

Hi everyone!

I’d like to wish everybody a very nice Valentine’s Day with this week’s Small Saves cartoon.

Here are some fun updates on Small Saves…

For the Small Saves Facebook Group page, he now has 1,334 members! To join in on the fun, just click here…

Small Saves now has 152 YouTube subscribers! To help grow the channel, please click on the link here.

Small Saves official website has had over 11,000 visitors in the last few years! Come invite all your friends to enjoy the weekly antics of
a certain little youth hockey goalie at

But most importantly, I want to thank each and every one who takes the time to catch up on my little puck stopper.

When I receive an email or Facebook message telling me how much they and their family are enjoying him means the world to me.

Knowing a young net minder fell asleep reading Small Saves or someone is laughing over the latest comic during their lunch break makes me smile ear-to-ear and proud to say I draw him.

Thank you, everyone.

See you next week!
Jay …and Small Saves