Small Saves: Trimming the Tree

Hi, everyone.

Welcome to another week of Small Saves’ eNewszine.

The Christmas season is upon us, and I for one, cannot wait for the holiday to arrive! Small Saves is also very excited! Please enjoy his latest cartoon!

Small Saves Books

I’d like to show my complete (to date) collection of Small Saves books. Three are storybooks and four are cartoon collections. Small Saves’ eighth book, tentatively titled, “Goalie in the Spotlight”, is due out by Summertime. I’ve also started writing a brand new Small Saves storybook. This will be a Christmas story. I felt that the best time to write it was during the holiday season. I’ll begin illustrations after the new year and would like to have it available by Christmas in July.

Here are the covers. If you’d like to own them, please and click on “Store”, then “Books.”

I thought you’d also enjoy a sneak peek at “Goalie in the Spotlight.” Here are a few pages…

2019 Plans

With the New Year around the corner, I have some plans for the eNewszine and website. I’d like to add a “Fan of the Month” section. Each month, a fan will be in the spotlight. A little bio about them, along with a photo if they wish. The person would receive a Small Saves t-shirt that I’m designing now, along with an original, signed Small Saves drawing. I’ll update everyone as the time approaches. ?

Original Small Saves Cartoons go on Sale @ eBay!

Starting Monday night, I’ll be offering on eBay original, signed Small Saves cartoons. These are the original drawings I make before they are reduced in size, colored in and scanned.

There are so many comics I have that, once completed, go into a folder and tucked away in storage. I can’t think of a better way for everyone to enjoy them than having them own one. each one is about 17″ wide, and they come unframed. You can see all the pencil marks, white out, everything that goes on “behind the scenes.” I think they would make great, original presents for Christmas, birthdays, etc. Just go to my website this week and click on Small Saves’ store, then eBay.

I’m keeping the costs very affordable. This way, everyone can have something nice without breaking the bank.

Also, if you have a charity event, fundraiser, or such, just let me know, as I will gladly donate a cartoon. Just contact me here:[email protected]

New Goalie T-Shirt Design unveiled

Direct link to t-shirt:

Small Saves cartoonist appearing on local TV Dec 7!

I’m looking forward to being interviewed by the creators of the famous comic strip, “Pet Peeves.” The show is called “Strip Seach”, where they talk with other cartoonists about their work and such. I’ll be sure to include a link to the uploaded segment once it airs.

Have a great week and I’ll see everyone with more Small Saves cartoons!

Jay… and Small Saves!