Small Saves: Thankless Position

Hi everyone.

Small Saves Snippets

This week I’m putting together a Small Saves cartoon collection that will be showcased in the Comic Arts Press’ “Comic Strip Cartoonist-Issue #11.” I’d like to send a special thank you to S. Suharski for making this possible. To see their website and past issues, please visit: I’ll update everyone when this edition is available.

Small Saves’ cartoon collection book, “Goalie in the limelight”, is nearing completion. I feel his latest collection of on and off-ice antics will be ready for the public by Summertime. When it’s ready for release, I’ll place the information here.

If you’re on Facebook, please pop on over to Small Saves’ group. To date, I have a little over 180 members. On the page, you can post, read the latest news and events, plus current—and past—cartoons. It’s a fun group with great members. Come join the fun at:

My apologies to everyone who have been patiently awaiting the custom-silkscreened Small Saves shirts, hoodies, and hockey jerseys. Some of my projects are backed up a bit but will be worked on soon. Thank you, everyone, for your patience. In the meantime, please feel free to check out all the Small Saves and hockey-themed shirts that are available through my Amazon distributor. When you visit you’ll see the links on the main page. From Small Saves to exclusive hockey and goalie designs, there’s shirts for everyone.

This week I contacted some more newspapers asking the editors to look at Small Saves. I did receive some nice feedback, but they just didn’t have the room. Some have yet to reply… which reminds me that as badly as you want to stop every puck, sometimes you can’t. One national syndicate liked the humor and drawing but just didn’t know how to market it. I smiled, as I realized they wouldn’t know how. Our passion for this great game is understood only by those who live and breathe it. It would be like a cartoonist showing me his comic strip about a baseball player. The drawing and writing could be outstanding… but since I know very little about the game, I wouldn’t have the first idea how to sell it. There are so many great comic strips out there. Cartoons about cats, dogs, kids, families, and so on. But there’s only one about a little hockey goalie. And I take great pride in that.

See you next week!

Jay and Small Saves