Small Saves: Protective Goalie Gear

Hi everyone.

Hope you had a great week.

The first illustration for the Small Saves holiday storybook, “The Forgotten Christmas Goalie”, is finished. I feel this will be a wonderful yuletide tale everyone of all ages will enjoy. Speaking of books, “Goalie in the Limelight” is nearing completion. I feel this book will be ready by Summertime. About 10 more Small Saves comic strips will round it off nicely.

Small Saves link of the week:

March issue of USA Hockey Magazine.

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This week I’ll be reaching out to the next list of newspapers and periodicals in hopes of them adding Small Saves as a feature. It’s always a great feeling when I open a newspaper and see Small Saves in between the pages. I always smile, hoping it brings a few laughs and enjoyment to the reader. I must be honest, I kind of wonder what it would be like to walk into an establishment and find a Small Saves cartoon hanging up behind the counter. Perhaps someday. It’s a nice feeling knowing you–and everyone who follows my little puckstopper–is taking the time to read his latest on and off-ice antics. Perhaps you read him over your morning breakfast, or work break. I’m so very thankful to everyone.

Have a great week.

All my best!

Jay and Small Saves