Small Saves: Picnic

by | Sep 1, 2021

Hi everyone!

This week, I finally had the time to go through the huge envelope I have which holds all my Small Saves writings. These range from napkins to paper scraps that go back to 2015! There are so many cartoon ideas, t-shirt designs, and much, much more! I’m now transferring everything to notebooks so I may start to turn the ideas into reality. I never realized I wrote that much! I’d be in a restaurant, at work, skating, anywhere life takes you daily, and bam! The muse would tap on my shoulder and hand me the idea. You need to write it down fast, as you just don’t want the idea to fade before you get it all down. Luckily, I developed my own shorthand to capture the moment. I look forward to creating and showing everyone just what came out of those notes!

See everyone next week!

Jay … and Small Saves!

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