Small Saves: Outdated Gear

In the latest edition of Small Saves, our diminutive discovers that his well-worn gear comes with some advantages.


Hi everyone!

A goalies mask is one of his/her most prized possession in their arsenal of protection. Many netminders will decorate their mask to symbolize what represents them. some will paint tigers or cool graphic lines. some will have their favorite teams logo adorning them. So, when a goalie paints Small Saves on their mask, I am so humbled and honored. It means that they like him enough to make him part of their face protection. I’d like to share some pictures of goalies who have put Small Saves on their mask! The airbrush artists who painted these mask did a fabulous job! Well


This week I took some time to draw one of my favorite goalies, Mr. Bernie Parent-famed netminder for the Flyers. I also offer art services, so if you’d like customized work, please feel free to contact me.I had a lot of fun drawing him.

I’d like to showcase the latest Small Saves cartoon collection book, “SAVE!”

This book contains the latest (to date) cartoons from the Small Saves comic strip archives. The cover is a nod and homage to the early 70’s book SAVE! Hockey’s Greatest Goalies! I first saw that book as a young child and did everything I could to save up money to buy it. I still remember seeing Parent on the cover. The inside was filled with all my favorite goalies and the greats from past eras.

My book, Save, is filled with more on and off-ice antics of our little puckstopper. If you’d like to get a copy please feel free to and click on the books link.

I thought I’d include a photo of a certain little goalie… taken in 1974. Watertown, MA. Hmmmmm I wonder who this could be? Why it’s me. A very young goalie. I thought I was the next Tony Esposito. When a game was coming on TV, I’d dress up in all my gear and tuck my mask inside my pad like Tony-O would do. as the nation Anthem would play, I’d rock back and forth and chew gum (even though half the time I didn’t have any). I’d watch the game in gear for the first 10 minutes or so until I was told to place it back in the bag because I have a game the next day. My first year I believe I wore the Tony-O Mylec mask until the coaches suggested I switch to a cage for more protection.

I’d also like to show my “Shirt of the Week.” Here is “I’d Rather Be Stopping Pucks” with Small Saves featured on the design. I was very happy with the way the logo came out and I enjoy wearing it when I go outside.

To see the full lineup, please click on the link below…

In closing, I want to thank everyone who takes the time to read the latest antics of Small Saves. I enjoy creating him but love knowing he’s being enjoyed by readers out there. Thank you so much!

Until next week,

Jay …and Small Saves!