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Hi everyone,

Thank you for viewing my podcast last week. I’ll be doing more very soon. For those who didn’t have a chance to see it, here is the link:

This weeks cartoon was based on all the hot weather we’ve had here in MA. Enjoy!

I’ve been working on some new hockey-themed shirts, but also putting out some non-hockey t-shirts as well. If you go to my website, under shirts, please scroll down to SD Shirt Sales. There you’ll see some really cool general-themed shirts that make for great Summertime wear.

Aside from Small saves, I’ve been busy with side projects and other illustration-themed work. Here is my little ad I made up. If anyone is writing a book, looking for a logo for their team, …heck, if ya need a drawing to hang on the fridge, feel free to contact me. Here’s a little ad I made up….

During the Summer I’ve been tending goal with the teens who have school vacation. I get a kick out of the fact that half the players are driven there by their parents who are younger than I. Once they hit the ice, though, they are dynamos. Very talented and eager to play.

It makes me think back to my youth. Good times!

Here are some of the latest in a continuing line of hockey shirts…

I’m currently breaking in a pair of Bauer Vapor 40 Goal pads. I’ve worn the model before, and once I acclimate them to my style, I feel they will be a great set to have. The pads passed down to me by the great goalie (and my mentor, Chick DeAngelis), are beginning to break down. I want to preserve them as they were part of his legacy. He tended goal until he was 80. I was with him when he took his last step on the ice and he is so very much missed. Although he has passed, his lore and teachings are instilled forever in me.

Here are some pics of me in the pads. The photos were taken by the very talented Kristin McAdams. My new pads are taller and cover more 5-hole. However, these pads are simply so much fun to play in. I’ll repair them and use them once a month in honor of Chickie.

Kristin also shot a video of me skating around after the game. Here it is, with me being goofy. (what else is new?) hahahahah.

Hope everyone is having a great Summer vacation!

…and yes, we have a t-shirt for that as well!

Take care!

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