Small Saves: Old Couch

Hi everyone!

This week’s cartoon hearkens back to the days of my youth. Whenever one of us saw a couch being discarded, the word went out to all the goalies in the neighborhood. Either we’d be on the phone or running down the street to our neighboring netminders house, ringing the doorbell. Before you knew it, a slew of young goaltenders would be upon the furniture, making sets of goalie pads. Such good times indeed.

A special thank you to Debbie and the Heritage School for inviting me into their classroom via Zoom to teach the students how to draw Small Saves. All the students did a spectacular job! Please enjoy a few samples of the work we did that day. Thank you Anthony, Jonathan, Jordan, & Miles for showing your wonderful drawings!

To say thank you to all the fans, I’ve started the Christmas auction for this original drawing of famed goalie Gerry Cheevers at only 99 cents! To see the eBay listing (for youth, please get permission from your parents) please click on the link.

…and as always, please visit Small Saves’ website at to enjoy past cartoons, hockey & goalie t-shirts, and links to so many cool hockey sites.
See everyone next week! Jay …and Small Saves.