Small Saves: New Outdoor Rink

Hi everyone.

Hope you all had a great week.

Small Saves News

Small Saves’ new book, “Goalie in the Limelight”, is nearing completion and I’m looking forward to its release. As an author through Amazon, I’m excited about a contest they’re holding for new works published between May and August. There will be a monetary prize award, along with some major publicity/marketing of the winning work. There are so many talented authors out there, but I am going to submit the new book into the contest. It should be a lot of fun and possibly a way to get some exposure for the new cartoon collection book.

In other news, I’ve begun photographing the original 11×17 black and white Small Saves cartoon drawings which will be for sale through eBay. Once I draw the original, they are reduced, colored, scanned and prepped. These copies I keep in a marked portfolio folder. I also keep a few copies of the black and white versions. Each version is then ready for the editors to use in their publications, web pages, and so on. The originals are placed in a large envelope and tucked away in my closet. I feel they would be much useful if they were owned by fans and collectors. Small Saves’ originals are hanging in a few places—from sports bars to dentist offices. I’m keeping the prices low and affordable. This way, anyone who would like an original can have one at a decent, honest price. Some are already earmarked for ownership by buyers, but there are still many available for sale. By the next newsletter I should have a link available.

Hockey Equipment

When I was young, I couldn’t wait for a few of the Saturday afternoons during the hockey season. My dad would take me down to the local sporting good store to purchase a goalie stick or equip me with new goalie skates. I remember looking in awe at all the goalie equipment– Pads, gloves, masks, and so on. It was my rare chance to see so much gear under one roof. As an adult, I keep the tradition… only now it’s a few times a month. I like going to the vast array of stores to look at new and used gear. But with modern technology, I also love going on sites such as eBay and other web pages that offer an amazing amount of gear. I was wondering if anyone else finds themselves going online to enjoy all the hockey manufacturing sites? While I can’t afford may of the items I see, I still get the wonderful thrill of just looking. Seeing the latest modifications to pads and gloves is wonderful. I also look at the hockey sticks with the latest technology. As a goalie, it’s good to keep updated on what they are using to throw against you! I sometimes find that just looking at the gear is an extension of all the fun the game of hockey brings to us. And whether it’s at a store or online, the child in me still can’t wait to see what awaits!

Until next week, all my best!

Jay and Small Saves