Small Saves: New Goalie Pads

Hi everyone!

This week I’m excited to announce…

My Kids Play Hockey: Essential Advice for Every Hockey ParentPaperback– August 7, 2018

by Christie Casciano Burns(Author)

Small Saves makes a guest appearance in her book!

Here is the link to order your copy:

…and here is a link to a promo video… including Small Saves. ?

I just want to say thank you to everyone who enjoys and continues to follow Small Saves. Its so much fun drawing him. Knowing everyone is enjoying him as well makes it even more fun!

Although I have professional goals and dreams for him, I never forget the root of why I draw him. For the love of it. 

…and here is his latest cartoon. ?

Here is an updated version of the Small Saves t-shirt, “I’d Rather Be Stopping Pucks!”

I also have another update for this logo, but it’s still in production.

Here is the Amazon link…


Well, everyone, thanks for being on my Newszine list and I’ll see you next week!

Jay… and Small Saves.

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Creator of Small Saves

Jay DeMarco has been pelted with pucks since the age of five... and still loves every minute of it.

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