Small Saves: Letter to Santa

Hi, everyone!

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving Day!

During the downtime the holiday brings, I came across some issues I did many years ago called, “Behind the Mask.” I would type the stories, draw the pictures and with a 25″ stapler gun, put together the magazines to be distributed. While not a big mailing list, I still took great pride knowing they were being seen and enjoyed by other goalies.

I thought it might be fun if I shared a few pages each week with everyone here.. Please enjoy the following excerpts…


I’m so excited that Christmas is on its way! Small Saves is excited as well! Enjoy his latest cartoon as he writes to Santa Claus!


While I offer many hockey and goalie shirts at, I also have a line of non-hockey shirts which I’m proud to offer to the public. Many of my friends know I love dinosaurs and when I was young, I wished to be a paleontologist. To this day, I still check out the latest findings and such. Here is a sample of but one of the many dinosaur shirts I offer…


…and here is Small Saves’ “Shirt of the Week!”


Have a fun week and I’ll see everyone next week with more fun items… and Small Saves!



James J. DeMarco

Small Saves cartoons and syndication