Small Saves: Keeping Cool

Hi everyone!

This has been a very special week, to say the least!

First, and foremost, I would like to say a very special thank you to my good friend and publicist, K.P. Lynne, for her extremely generous gift to me. Amongst the many items she has sent me and knowing that Tony Esposito was my inspiration to become a goalie, she sent me the following items…

…and here is a picture of Mr. Esposito himself signing it!

Along with the photo, I also have the authenticity paper that came with the jersey. She also sent me a wonderful Tony-0 trading card and the two most recent books she completed and are available to the public!

Some very exciting Small Saves news!

Here are the links to the new book, My Kids Play Hockey, by

Christie Casciano Burns

In one of the promos, she showcases Small Saves! A very special thank you to Christie!

I’d also like to express my appreciation to Mr. Mark Schelde, who has been very helpful with his guidance. 2019 promises to be a very exciting year for Small Saves and Mr. Schelde’s advice will help with the next chapter in Small Saves’ journey. Thank you so much, Mike!

…and here is this week’s all-new Small Saves cartoon! Enjoy.?

I’d also like to take this opportunity to show the “Community Kids” comic strip that will make the rounds to syndicates in 2019. Small Saves is one of the many wonderful characters that will appear in the comic.

Enjoy this sneak peek!

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See everyone next week!

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