Small Saves: Iron Walls

Hi Everyone.
While not completed, the new Small Saves site is almost complete. It’s now updated for easier, smoother navigation. We’re also adding an Art page, where fans can see other work (such as goalie drawings, book illustrations, and such). To see the revisions, please visit:
The National Cartoonist Society is having its yearly Reuben Awards– recognizing excellence in professional cartooning. So, I have entered Small Saves. It’s a fun way to introduce yourself—and your work—to others who also share your passion for drawing and cartooning. This Friday we had a “Zoom lunch” meeting. It was great to say hello and talk with other comic strip creators. There’s so much amazing talent out there! I want to thank them for inviting me.
2021 is shaping up to be a great year for our little puck-stopper. Within the next few weeks, we’ll be unveiling new, great news about Small Saves and his next venture in media. Stay tuned!
Have a great week!
Jay …and Small Saves