Small Saves: Iron Man Goaltender

Hi Everyone,

It’s funny… a few days before Halloween, I was in a store and was shaking my head. The Halloween items were just about down (except for the candy for last-minute shoppers) and Christmas decoration items were all up! What happened to Thanksgiving? I’ve always felt that each holiday should be savored and enjoyed. While I never want to sound like a commercial or talk about holiday shopping too early, I found myself thinking, “Uh oh…with shipping issues being a little behind (due to everything we’ve all been dealing with the last year or so) I’d better suggest to everyone who wants books and shirts for the holiday to start ordering now, as a last-minute purchase just may not make it in time for the holidays.”

So, if you haven’t had a chance yet to look at the growing amount of hockey, goalie, and Small Saves books and shirts, please visit his site at There, take your time and enjoy looking at all the really cool stores we have. We even have a cat and dinosaur-themed store!

Starting in 2022, we will finally be expanding to hats, stickers, prints, novelty items, and more. I also have more shirt logos that will be out next year that I can’t wait to show everyone!

See you next week!

Jay …and Small Saves