Small Saves: Goalie’s Nightmare

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I was watching the Stadium Series on national TV Saturday night. While I enjoyed it very much, a part of me longed to see a game played from days gone by. I thought to myself, “wouldn’t it be fun if they rebroadcasted a game from say, 1972?” It would be wonderful to once again see the heroes from my past. It would also be a great experience for the younger viewers to see the history unfold before them. With today’s internet, one can easily find clips and such of hockey from any era. It’s truly great. But there would be something special to sit down on a Saturday night and watch a full game from long ago—from the national anthem to the final buzzer. To see Phil Esposito taking the faceoff, while Cheevers stands ready in goal! I feel it would truly bring instant smiles and nostalgia to everyone watching. Case in point…

I just have to show this clip. The great Glenn Hall coming way out of the net to assist on a goal.

Oh, and show Peter Puck during the intermission! Peter Puck, you ask? Ahhhh. The history of hockey awaits you!

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Have a great week everyone!

Jay… and Small Saves.

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