Small Saves: First Impression

Hi Everyone,

This week’s cartoon is dedicated to Florida’s Iron Goalie. He makes an appearance in the latest cartoon with Small Saves!

It’s an exciting week here at Small Saves’ corner of the world. We just published the official Downloadable Small Saves Online Catalog-Summer Edition!

In it, you’ll see ALL the T Shirt designs we have made over the last 25 years! (and there’s still much, much more to come!) I’ve attached it to this week’s newsletter for you to download and enjoy. The Catalog also features our customization services. From original logos, name, and number add-on’s, to listed shirts, special cartooning (like turn you or a friend into a Small Saves character), original illustrations… and so much more!

The Protective phone cases are now out! We just started adding our designs to them. For now, they are listed with other merchants while they format the stores. Small Saves, Old School, and The Wall are the first to be offered. Want your name or slogan, etc., added to them? Contact me with your requests and we’ll work together to customize your phone cover. (Oh, and we now customize any of the shirts you see in our stores!)

Have a great week everyone!

Jay …and Small Saves!