Small Saves: Fans in Attendance

Hi everyone,

This week, I’d like to introduce a new comic strip that I’ve been working on. Here’s Trouble is a cartoon that I drew back in my high school days. Aside from being a backup goalie for the JV hockey team, I was part of the school’s newsletter—drawing caricatures of the teachers and contributing spot illustrations. I also had a comic strip about a little cat named “Trouble.”

I hadn’t thought about that project for decades until I saw my new little kitty happily destroying the window shades. I’m now compiling a nice collection of this cartoon. With the copyrights secured, I’ll soon be showing the project to various syndicates and other media outlets. In the meantime, Here’s Trouble is catching on in various cat-themed Facebook groups. Here is the link to her group. If you enjoy cats, please come, and join the group.

See everyone next week.

Jay …and Small Saves!