Small Saves: Extended Recess

Hi, everyone.

Hope you all had a great week!

Before we get to this week’s all-new cartoon, I’d like to share with everyone a very special Small Saves cartoon. Small Saves has teamed up with his friends over at Renfrew Pro hockey tape. I’ve used their tape for years and was thrilled to collaborate.


To visit their site and see all the great selections, please visit

This week’s Small Saves cartoon is truly a fun one. For everyone who may be at work, school, etc., and you’d rather be playing hockey instead, I dedicate this cartoon to you! Enjoy.

Small Saves’ Mask

I’m thrilled when I get letters regarding Small Saves. Parents will write and comment on how much my cartoon reminds them of their young netminder. I also get plenty of emails stating from adult goalies that this was just how they were when they were young… or that they still do the same things Small Saves does.

However, the number one question must be about his mask. From, “Does he ever take his mask off?” to “Does he have hair–and if so—what color is it? Is it curly or straight?”

So, tonight I thought I could answer some of the questions.

His mask always stays worn. It’s funny… they say that art imitates life. No truer words have been spoken. A goalie’s face is always partially hidden. In the days of the facemask, you never really got to see the features of the goaltender at all. I remember when I first saw Tony Esposito without a mask. They looked so different from their face protection. So, Small Saves’ full features will always remain a mystery.

But I cannot take full credit for this idea. For the birth of this feature, I must go back to 1982-Sunrise, Florida. My best friend, Anthony (You may know him as the Iron Goalie) had just begun his career in the world of goaltending. Proud of his craft, he’d place the facemask atop his head when hanging out after a game. I loved this statement he made to the world. The image stuck with me… and when I began drawing Small Saves, his innovation fit perfectly with Small Saves.

As for Small Saves’ hair… well, I feel it’s best to leave the features hidden under his mask to the imagination of the readers.

Small Saves Shirt of the Week.

This week’s spotlight shines on a truly classic—yet simple—design. Small Saves in all his glory standing in a full butterfly stance. No words, just him… ready to stop anything that comes his way! Here’s the link…

Small Saves Book of the Week.

The very first book! The one that started the cartoon collection series! This book has some of the very first Small Saves cartoons that date back to the early 90’s! Here’s the link…

Have a great week everyone!

Jay… and Small Saves.