Small Saves: Empty Rink

A very Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

This week’s cartoon is dedicated to my good friend, Danny, who works at Hockey Town in Saugus, MA. For this particular comic, He’s depicted as the rink manager. Many of my friends find their way into the comic strip, and I’m thrilled to add my pal, Danny.

After the game, Danny will pop by the locker room for a few moments to say hello and see how I did. We’ll talk about our past friends like my goaltending mentor, Chicky, and all the hockey that’s gone on in the building over the years.  I’ve known him for over 20 years now. Where does the time go?

This Thanksgiving, I am grateful for him, along with all the friends in my hockey circle. It’s a pleasure and honor to skate with each and every one of you.

…and, of course, I am blessed for my love and soulmate, Kristin. She is the spark that quietly lights the flame when I feel perhaps my dream of becoming a pro cartoonist may be slipping. She’s there for the good, the bad, and everything in-between. From rushing me to the ER when I’m ill, to her uplifting smile, I know I could never achieve the pursuit of my goals without her.  …and she also is the first to read the comic strip, for her reaction and input is paramount!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Jay… and Small Saves

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Jay DeMarco has been pelted with pucks since the age of five... and still loves every minute of it.

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