Small Saves: Elite Goalie

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Calgary and Edmonton Hockey Magazines

This week I would like to say thank you to Hockey Edmonton and Hockey Calgary magazines for the debut of Small Saves in their periodicals. With over 12,000 children enrolled in minor hockey in Calgary and 8,500 in the Edmonton area, Hockey Magazinereaches over 60,000 in the Alberta region. Their magazines keep the hockey community thoroughly entertained with great articles, photographs, and so much more. Please visit the webpage at:

There you can click on links to both magazine sites and view the latest issues.

The Small Saves Item of the week: “Where’s My Defense?”

This week I’d like to shine the spotlight on Small Saves’ third cartoon collection book, “Where’s My Defense?” Enjoy the continued on and off-ice antics of everyone’s favorite little cartoon goalie with this assortment of hockey-themed cartoons.

To go with the book, why not check out the t-shirt version of “Where’s My defense?”!

Final thoughts

This weekend I’m putting the finishing touches on the letter that will be mailed “Old School” style to the NHL, AHL, and so on. My dear friend and publicist, K.P. Lynne of K.P. Lynne Communications, Inc., will be looking over the final version before it’s mailed.

My intent is for them to include Small Saves on some of their media sites. When the finals are over, I feel Small Saves will bring some off-season entertainment while the pro players take a much-deserved rest after battling all Winter. On a side note, Small Saves did appear for one season (2001-2002) on Let’s see what happens.

Speaking of K.P. Lynne, she has a fantastic book series out featuring the characters “Hock. E. Puck & Hock. E. Stick.” Check out her Facebook page at:

Have a great week, everyone!

Jay and Small Saves