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This week’s cartoon is a little bit different. Small Saves takes a back seat to his teammate whose dad no longer plays hockey. The topic came about after meeting up with some friends a few weeks ago. We talked about past teammates and what they were up to now. Some no longer skate due to injury. I myself was injured a few years ago but was lucky enough to come back. Sadly, at some point, for one reason or another, we can no longer skate. Or skate as much as we’d like. But hockey is still running rampant through our blood and we find other ways to enjoy the game we love. From coaching to becoming involved in other aspects of the game, following your favorite teams from pro to local, we keep the fire going. I would be amiss, however, if I didn’t admit that I feel a little sad when I hear that the desire to play just faded. I have one lifelong friend who couldn’t wait to jump onto the ice and take his place at the center ice faceoff.

The passion to spend every second on frozen ponds, ice rinks, back yard street hockey games that went on all day long (and the 10 Stanley Cups that were won before suppertime) … just where did the enthusiasm go? As an adult, I think I understand. From youth to adult, we play a tremendous amount. But part of me wishes some of the magic was left within to play just a little longer…

Small Saves Facebook Group

Small Saves now has his very own Facebook group! I was on Facebook the other night, enjoying the fan pages and watching goalie highlight videos. It dawned on me that Small Saves did not have his very own group page. Well, now he does! So, I invite everyone to join. It will be a lot of fun with updates, new (and past) Small Saves cartoons, and so on. Fans can post and interact, along with just stopping by to enjoy the on and off-ice antics of our little goalie. Here is the link;

New Hockey Shirt Design Unveiled!

My new hockey design, “Fire on Ice”, is now officially part of the Small Saves t-shirt lineup. I have two versions of it. One with the lettering, and one with the stand-alone graphic. This design is geared towards the hockey players and features a skater taking a blazing slap shot. The stick, puck, and trail motion are all highlighted in flames. To check it out, just follow the link below.

Fire on Ice version one (with lettering) light color shirts;

Fire on Ice version two (with lettering) dark color shirts;

Fire on Ice version (no lettering);

Small Saves Book of the Week.

Hard to believe that Small Saves’ second cartoon collection book, “Renegade Goaltender” will be five years old in April! Seems it was just like yesterday that I was editing and putting on the final touches. These contain some of the earlier cartoons I did and there are some classics in there. To check it out, please visit the link;

Hockey Talk Live-The Goalie Show.

A special thank you to Kansas City Hockey for inviting me onto their special Goalie Show episode! It was great to be part of the lineup. To enjoy the broadcast, just click on the link;

Small Saves on CafePress.

Looking for fun hockey-themed gifts? Small Saves has a whole selection of cups, buttons, key chains, mouse pads, and so much more through CafePress. To check it out, please visit;

I want to thank everyone again for following Small Saves. Please feel free to share him with your friends, as he is meant to be enjoyed by all.

One of my 2019 goals is for Small Saves to appear in many newspapers, websites, periodicals, and such. I think he’d look great as a once a week feature in the sports section of a newspaper. If you’d like to see him appear in your local news, please email me with the name and I’ll contact them.

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