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A very happy Easter to everyone!

Funny how time moves forward. One day suddenly becomes a year ago. From there, it’s a decade. Moments that feel like they just happened yesterday are suddenly time-worn photos… which got me thinking of Canadians former HOF goaltender Bill Durnan. A great goalie with a unique ability to play goal ambidextrously. I look at all the wonderful black and white photos of him from an ‘oh so long ago’ era. Captured in time, Durnan is photographed darting and diving around–ready to catch or block whatever came his way with either hand.

So, I have to ask–what if an NHL netminder of today was ambidextrous? I’m sure he’d be coached to settle on one set way to catch. But what if he wasn’t? What if he was encouraged, like Durnan, to turn his special skill into a powerful part of his arsenal?

I can image Durnan knocking on the doors of some of our best goalie equipment makers in the field today. “I need a special set of gloves. One which will allow me to both catch and block at the same time.”

How would today’s battle-armor stitching wizards remedy this request? To build a catching glove with the ability to grip a goalie stick and block a slap shot… seems like a tall work order. I’m very curious as to the response from goalie gear makers.

To give everyone a visual, I’m including a link to Mr. Durnan’s NHL HOF page. Enjoy looking at his incredible set of gloves and the story behind his legacy.

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