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Hi everyone.

This week, along with Small Saves’ new cartoon, is the debut of the working title comic strip “Community Kids.” Small Saves will also appear in this comic strip as one of the kids. The cartoon is based on kids at a community center.

Here is the new Small Saves cartoon….

…and here is the first cartoon for Community Kids:

“Bad Johnny” is actually based on stories my grandfather would tell me when I was young. My grandmother and mom would later say that he was actually Bad Johnny and the tales he told me were based on his youth. So, it is only fitting that he be included in the cartoon. As an adult, my grandfather was the director of the Parks and Recreations program in Boston. The Paris street Gym was his home base. It is now a community center, and this is where part of the inspiration for the cartoon came about.

Once I have a month to six weeks’ worth of material, I will be sending it off to the syndicates in hopes of it being picked up.

As a special edition of this weeks Newszine, I’d like to share some pages from the Small Saves cartoon collection book “Where’s My Defense?” To get your copy, just click on this link:

…and here are the links to some “Where’s my Defense?” shirts…

See everyone next week!

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