Small Saves: Christmas 2018

Small Saves’ Newsletter 12/23/2018

Merry Christmas!

Hi everyone!

Christmas is just a few days away! Small Saves is very excited and can’t wait to see what Santa has brought him. It’s truly a wonderful time of the year and I have enjoyed the days leading up to the holiday.

Channeling the spirit of the holiday, I am enjoying putting the finishing touches on the first holiday-themed Small Saves Storybook! It will be ready by the Summer—hopefully in time for Christmas in July.

24 Hockey

This week, I’d like to place the spotlight on 24 Hockey. 24 Hockey represents a hockey culture, a culture that defines a part of who you are each and every day. Their hockey apparel represents the passion, the dedication, and the deep-rooted love we all have for the game of hockey. To check out their page, please click:

I want to thank everyone who has purchased Small Saves’ books and hockey-themed shirts. To see the complete lineup, please visit his website at There are seven books to date (book eight, “Goalie in the Spotlight” will be out by Summer), and literally 100’s of hockey and goalie t-shirts, long sleeves, sweatshirts and hoodies to choose from. We also carry dinosaur and general-themed shirts as well. In 2019, we will be introducing all-new logos shirts as well, so please stay tuned and check back. For this week’s issue, here’s our “Hockey Shirts by Small Saves” Store link:

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that I was working on adding the Small Saves “Fan of the Month” section of his website. I’m putting it together now and I look forward to its debut. The fan for that month will get an official Small Saves t-shirt that I’ll be custom silk screening. As the date gets closer, I’ll add more details. But basically, if you enjoy Small Saves and want to be Fan of the Month, just email me. You can tell a little story about yourself, what you like about small Saves, etc. Perhaps you play hockey and want to include a photo of yourself. Do you like to draw? We’d love to include your art for everyone to see! All ages are welcome. (For kids, please have parent’s permission).

Hmmm… did I forget to include anything else? Why, of course! Here is this week’s

Small Saves cartoon. I hope everyone liked the Christmas theme leading up to the holiday season. Enjoy!

Well, everyone, have a very Merry Christmas. See you next week when Small Saves gets ready for the new year!

Jay… and Small Saves!

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Jay DeMarco has been pelted with pucks since the age of five... and still loves every minute of it.

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