Small Saves: Chirping Mishap

Hi Everyone,

The Small Saves holiday storybook, “The Forgotten Goalie’s Christmas” has finally been written. I’ve been working on it for about a year and a half and knew exactly how I wanted the ending to read–but needed just the right words. Funny how the muse knows when it’s time to call out to you with just the right inspiration. I’m now finishing the few last drawings as I tweak, check, and re-check spelling, grammar, etc. I also will be calling upon my entrusted proofreaders to double check once I finish my final draft.

I’m also currently illustrating for two authors and once their books are out, I’ll be sure to post the links here when each becomes available. I’m excited about their projects and grateful they chose me to draw for them. is expanding, as we just purchased (and will be purchasing more) domain names that will further his exposure with his weekly cartoon, online services, and spotlight on all the hockey & goalie shirts available on Amazon. I’m also working on my first video to showcase the shirt designs and will include a link once it’s ready.

Have a great week!

Jay …and Small Saves!