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Small Saves at NHL’s office.

Small Saves’ portfolio arrived at the NHL headquarters Thursday. Included along with the batch of sample cartoons were various magazines he appears in monthly. There’s also ‘tear sheets’, which are further samples of where he was published, and one of his storybooks, “When the Game Calls.” I also made sure to submit a sample of a customized cartoon, to showcase for any media needs they may have.

I’d like to thank Mr. Dellapina, V.P. of NHL Communications, for his time over the phone and interest in looking at our little puck-stopping cartoon goalie.

I also want to thank K.P. Lynne for her tireless work in assisting me in writing my introduction letter.

Thank you to everyone who sends me words of encouragement while I pursue my goal of making Small Saves a household name in the world of hockey!

Jolly Roger Goalie Design is Back!

Many years ago, way before Amazon took the reigns in the printing department of my t-shirt line-up, I used to self-silkscreen the shirts myself. One of the designs was the infamous “Jolly Roger.” It’s an edgier, more serious graphic design that was a favorite amongst goalies and hockey players alike. When I stopped printing, it was tucked away and kind of forgotten over the years. I came across it a few months ago, and felt it was time to re-release the logo. It’s a skull peering out though the bent and destroyed cage wire and cracked mask, with the jolly roger crossed sticks. Here is the link to see it:

Dominik Hasek Fun Facts

Many remember the great Dominator, Dominik Hasek. For the younger players of today, just check out YouTube to see all the fantastic saves he made. Here is a link to but one of many great highlight videos of him in action. School is in session.

I have some fun facts that I came across from the “Behind the Mask” Newszine I used to put out (copied and stapled by hand) waaaayyyyy back in 1998. Enjoy!

As a child growing up in the Czech Republic, he played on frozen ponds with borrowed skates that were blades screwed onto street shoes.

At age 4, he’d stand in his doorway and block tennis balls.

After Hasek led his country’s team to an Olympic gold medal, he was quoted as saying, “I feel like I’m with Elvis now.” He felt like a rock star!

A Czech postage stamp came out with Hasek’s image on it.

An asteroid was named after him.

Don’t ever tell him he looks like Kramer from Seinfeld. When a teammate kidded him about the resemblance, Hasek flushed the guys suit down the toilet!

Coaches have asked him to take it easy during drills. Why? “We can’t score on him,” said a former teammate. “He killed our confidence!”

…and there you have it on one of the greatest goalies to ever play the game.

Thank you!

A special thank you to dear a friend and Small Saves fan, Mr. D. Kendrick, for his special Domino’s gift card to the Small Saves household. He wanted to make sure we enjoyed the Bruins playoffs with lots of pizza! He always enjoyed when some of the cartoons featured our little goalie and his teammates’ pizza parties turned into pizza melees! I see another such scenario soon.

See you next week!

Jay and Small Saves

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