Small Saves: All-Star Game

Hi everyone,

2020 is starting out very nicely for Small Saves. He has a Facebook group and as of today, he has 629 members! It’s a fun group for Small Saves fans. There, you can post any hockey-themed story, photo, etc. that you’d like. I also post current and past Small Saves cartoons, updates, new shirt designs, and so on. Here is the link:

I’m also pleased to say that our little goalie now appears in 115 media outlets! From such wonderful magazines as USA Hockey, to excellent Facebook hockey-themed pages, he’s getting out there. My next goal is to contact independent newspapers in US hockey states like Minnesota and papers in Canada.

The new comic strip, “Mixed Crayons” finally has the required number of cartoons to be submitted to the syndicates for consideration. I knew from the start that I couldn’t do a project of this size alone, so I’ve teamed up with the multi-talented (and dear friend) K.P. Lynne of “Hock E. Puck & Hock E. Stick” fame. She is the one who named the series and has written some wonderful storylines that will make for an excellent series of comics. Before I can send them off, I have to write the character sheet and my bio. K.P. wrote the series introduction letter, so I’m thinking within two weeks, the cartoon will be sent out.

Take care and see everyone next week!

Jay …and Small Saves.