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Hi everyone.

Last night I did my first Live Facebook show and I think I did ok. I had a lot of fun and I showcased “The Day the Dinosaurs Played Hockey” storybook. I showed the original drawings, and also talked about hockey and other Small Saves topics. To check it out, here is the link:


The “Behind the Mask” was a newsletter I started back in the ‘90’s. It went for a few issues, and then I moved on to other projects. Now with the internet, I’m very happy to bring back my “Newszine” and wanted to share some of the original material from them. This was a cartoon I did of the famed NY Islander Goalie, Billy Smith-

Working on my t-shirt collection book, here are some of the designs that will be on the pages. These shirts are also available at so please drop by and check out the ever-growing lineup.

Tending goal over the years, I’ve had the pleasure to meet many, many netminders. I’ve seen different styles and levels and it has been a pleasure to skate with everyone.

A few years back our group needed a second netminder and we were very lucky to get a goalie named Becka. She was just starting out as a goalie but possessed natural talent and athleticism. It has been an honor to watch her transform into a top-notch puckstopper. She battles through injuries and always gives 110%. To watch players bang their sticks as they skate away, looking up in the air to say “I should have scored” as she drops the puck from her glove onto the ice so play can resume, makes me smile. nice goaltending, Becka!

Oh, and this week’s Small Saves cartoon. Enjoy!

See everyone next week! ?

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