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(Boston) September 6, 2017 – For the first time in its history, has launched a complete digital fantasy guide magazine for the coming season. Inside Hockey Fantasy Guide 2017-18 has more than 200 full-colour pages of analysis, insights and stats for hard-core fantasy hockey owners and beginners alike. The Guide is available through direct download at for $10 (US).

“Inside Hockey is very proud to be associated with both Darryl Houston Smith and Janet Eagleson, two award-winning hockey writers who are among the most admired and respected writers in our industry,” said Kevin Greenstein, Editor in Chief at “The team overviews read like a cross between high level scouting meetings and a comedy routine. Who knew hockey stats could be so entertaining?”

Inside Hockey Fantasy Guide 2017-18 provides all the tools serious fantasy owners need to develop a draft plan and keep to it once the chaos of the initial weeks commences. It does it with a blend of humor and intelligence that sets it apart from its competitors. Darryl Houston Smith, an NHL-accredited writer and contributor to and, shares a number of strategies he has developed over the years for building a winning team and keeping it that way. Two of his patented tools are included: the Bobby-Orr strategem for choosing defensemen and the Fugazi, a player who appears to be fantasy gold, but who might just prove to be little more than foolish glitter. Houston Smith also reveals how fantasy owners can take control of the NHL schedule and use it to win a title.

“The Inside Hockey Fantasy Guide provides fantasy players, including keeper leaguers, with the insights they need to take their team and season from good to great,” said Janet Eagleson, four-time Hockey Writer of the Year from Fantasy Sports Writers Association (FSWA) and Senior Hockey Writer at Eagleson’s approach is direct and blunt, and more than one of her readers has drawn parallels between her style and that of the bombastic Don Cherry, regular NHL commentator on Canada’s Hockey Night in Canada. “I’d rather be contrarian and win, than liked and lose,” continued Eagleson.

Inside Hockey Fantasy Guide 2017-18 was written by fantasy hockey experts for all levels and types of fantasy players. Everyone from keeper-league owners to daily players will find insights into the league’s major players that will make winning their leagues easier. Visit now to download a copy today.

Early Reviews:

“Well organized, cuts to the chase, and excellent laughs along the way. This man [Houston Smith] has lived hockey for years and it shows. Highly recommended! “- Carl Lins-Morstadt, long-time fantasy hockey owner

“Very insightful. The amount of research done to write this book is staggering. This is a must read for anyone into fantasy hockey & anyone who is a hockey buff.” – Roger Wharram, league-winning fantasy owner

“You don’t want to go in without reading this book first. How does realignment impact your picks? Who are the best hidden gems that you can steal with a low draft pick? What round should you draft your first defenseman in? Is the impact of more odd day games caused by the compressed schedule going to help or hurt your team? I’m not sure I would have really considered any of these things if I hadn’t read this book. Now I’ve got what I need to have a great draft day strategy AND know how to make adjustments using the waiver wire throughout the season.”- JP Shipherd, self-proclaimed Fugazi know-it-all and multi-league fantasy owner


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