Good Morning Hockey Fans! They dog days of summer are officially here and there’s some hockey news being made. Many NHL teams are currently holding their prospect development camps. Let’s take a look at some of the stories making the news in the hockey world.

Hakstol Holds First Development Camp

In Philadelphia, all eyes were on the Flyers development camp and first year head coach Dave Hakstol. The Flyers coaching staff spent the week teaching the next generation of Flyers players how to be a pro.

“When you watch practices, that’s what it’s about,” Flyers coach Dave Hakstol said. “It’s the little parts of the game that you have to work at and have to do it consistently, not just this week, but these guys have to do these things consistently as they’re working hard to develop and improve their skills that allow them to become better players.” (

The GM Ron Hextall in Philly is on board with the head coach’s game plan.

“The one thing we stress before this camp, this is not an evaluation camp,” Hextall said. “We’re not here to evaluate the young players. We’re here to watch the young players. Our coaches are here to help the young players. (

While we’re on the subject of the Flyers rookie head coach; a couple of weeks ago, the Jamestown Sun had an interesting piece on Hakstol’s tenure at North Dakota.

Hakstol enjoyed a cozy relationship with the media in Grand Forks. He will not be thrown softball questions by the press in Philadelphia, nor will the talk show hosts and writers hold back when criticizing or second guessing him. And the fans in Philly? Well, let’s just say that they are almost impossible to please. I hope he’s prepared for all of that.

I’ve been keeping an eye on some of the Philadelphia sports website message boards. I’d say most of the Flyer fans are cautiously optimistic on the hiring of this unknown coach from North Dakota. (Jamestown Sun)

Reading some of the responses on Twitter, it appears that Mark Schuttenhelm’s piece hit a few nerves. Before you dismiss the writer’s article, he does bring up some valid points that are worth examining. I also don’t think his article was malicious in any way.

Besides, Schuttenhelm isn’t the only one to ask these questions. I have had many fans, especially fans from other programs ask me how has Hakstol not won an NCAA title with that facility?

Finally, during Hakstol’s tenure at UND, there have been quite a few big name players to come through the hallowed doors the Ralph Engelstad Arena. Not many teams have that many blue chip players on a single roster.

That’s the beauty of living in America, we have the right to have differing opinions. Not everyone is going to agree with you. Especially, when you put pen to paper. Not everyone is going to agree with Schuttenhelm’s opinion either, but there’s also going to be people that will embrace it and agree with him. That’s life.

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